Call Centre Committee

Terms of Reference


The committee shall consist of:
  • Two National Officers of which one shall be appointed chairperson;
  • One member who works at a Call Centre elected by the Local Presidents representing Call Centre members; and
  • One Labour Relations Officer assigned as the staff advisor to the committee.

Aim and Objectives

The Committee shall:

  • Promote, encourage, and continually strive to improve working conditions in Call Centres; 
  • Consult with the employer on Call Centre issues;
  • Maintain and facilitate communication with Call Centre contacts and locals with call centres; 
  • Educate all locals and activists on Call Centre concerns;
  • Maintain and update the Call Centre contact list;
  • Encourage and assist in the development of bargaining demands specific to Call Centre issues that may be submitted by locals; and
  • Deal with all matters as assigned by the President, Executive Council, or Convention.


The committees shall meet at the call of the chairperson and the approval of the President. 

Adopted Executive Council March 2015