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January 1, 2013

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Sick Leave

Treasury Board president Tony Clement needs to stop misleading Canadians about sick leave, says PSAC president Robyn Benson. “It's public service week, and instead of recognizing the important work these people do on behalf of Canadians, this government is accusing them of milking the system,” she said

The Facts:


Mandatory Performance Reviews

Mandatory performance reviews and performance expectations have been in place from the first day I started to work. Poor performers, to which Mr. Clement refers, have always been dealt with by this employer. In my mind, this is merely another attack on public service employees that is designed to draw attention away from the poor performance of the government. See also:


Forced Vote

On June 12, 2013, the Public Service Alliance of Canada filed a legal challenge against the government’s decision to force a vote on an inferior offer for the FB group. This legal action was taken (by the PSAC) to get the CBSA and Treasury Board to respect the bargaining process, and return to the bargaining table to negotiate a fair collective agreement. The Public Service Labour Relations Act lays down time-tested procedures for collective bargaining. CBSA and Treasury Board have flatly refused to discuss the report of the Public Interest Commission, and instead requested that the Minister of Heritage order a vote in an attempt to force an inferior offer down worker’s throats.


Pay in Arrears

Here is how this ludicrous system will be implemented: The government will over the course of one year, starting in January of 2014, deduct 25 recovery payments from your paycheque to put you in pay arrears of two weeks. After this period you would then revert back to your normal pay (still keeping in mind that you will be now behind by a FULL PAYCHEQUE).

Robert Campbell, National UTE President


We are continuing to investigate this “policy change”, which is being made without consultation and in violation of our collective agreements. We will do everything in our power to ensure that our members are protected from any and all financial hardship.


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