A Good Day for a Sober Second Thought - Final Senate vote on Bill C-377

June 26, 2013

Sisters and Brothers,

As you are aware, Bill C-377 has been going through the parliamentary process and was at third reading in the Senate today.  A vote was held on amendments put forth by Senator Hugh Segal to change several key parts of the bill.  Notably, Senator Segal’s amendments were to have the Bill apply only to Unions with over 50,000 members, to report on salaries over $444,661 (instead of $100,000), and to report on payments over $150,000 (instead of $5,000).

These amendments passed 49-33 with 6 abstentions.  What this means is that, even with a conservative majority in the Senate,  the bill was found to be far too intrusive on the labour movement.

Where does it go from here?  This is the interesting part.  Since the Bill has been amended from its original House of Commons form, it must now go back to the House of Commons for a vote.  However, as you may be aware, the House is no longer sitting and it will not be voted on until they return.

This battle is far from over, however, I truly believe the amount of witnesses and lobbying from those opposed to it contributed to many Senators taking a closer look at the Bill’s intent and merit.  It is because of the hard work of activists across our union and the labour movement; and their support in writing letters and being vocally opposed to this, that we now see this nice ray of hope.  

In solidarity,

Adam Jackson
Regional Vice-President
Chair, Political Action Committee

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