Court dates for sick leave injunction now set for New Year

October 29, 2015

Following a case conference with the Ontario Superior Court last week, a new date for the hearing of our injunction application on C-59 has been set for March 1-2, 2016.

The parties consented to the adjournment as a sign of good faith to give the new government elect an opportunity to confirm their campaign promises of not exercising their powers under C-59, the law that allowed the government to unilaterally change provisions in federal government employee contracts and skip over collective bargaining.

The Court stated that if the government intends to implement changes to sick leave provisions before the March hearing, it must give 5 days’ notice. This will allow the PSAC to get back in front of a judge sooner should it be necessary

On August 10, the union filed a notice of motion with the Ontario Superior Court requesting an injunction against the sections of the 2015 budget legislation that allow Treasury Board to take sick leave provisions out of the collective bargaining process. That request was to ensure that no unilateral changes are made by the government while we are going ahead with our challenge to the legislation.

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