CAS Can Do It

June 14, 2018

Sisters and Brothers,

For over two years we have endured problems with our pay, through the Phoenix Pay System.  Over the next few weeks, and months, we will be putting pressure on the Federal Government to make changes to remedy this problem. 

The UTE firmly believes that there is a better way to pay CRA employees, through our own CAS system.  For almost 20 years the CRA has used the CAS system for payroll administration, with no major complications, and paid its 40,000 employees accurately, and on time. The ‘off-loading’ of the 40,000 employees, including two collective agreements, would lessen the burden on the Phoenix system for the rest of the public service. 

Our CAS System was created by SAP (System Analysis and Program Development) a 46 year old company that successfully pays employees at such large international companies such as Nike and Walmart.  Enhancements to our internal pay system would make it possible for CRA to pay its employees directly. 

In order to enact this change, a Act of Parliament would need to be passed.  Over the summer months we are asking our members, and their families, to sign cards that will be sent to the Prime Minister, requesting that CAS be allowed to pay CRA employees directly.  They will be presented the week of our Presidents’ Conference in September. 

CAS can do it!

In Solidarity,

Jamie vanSydenborgh
Chair, National Political Action Committee
Regional Vice-President
Southwestern Ontario

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