Marguerite Stonehouse began her career with the Taxation Staff Association in the 1960’s when it was part of the Federation of Public Servants.  She attended the founding Convention of the PSAC.  With the formation of “Locals” she became a Chief Steward in the Edmonton Local.  Until her untimely death, she served, in various positions, the Union of Taxation Employees at both the Local and National levels.

Like many other pioneering members of the fledgling Taxation Component she had to endure intimidation, harassment and discrimination from a management whose attitude towards the union could best be described as negative.  An example of her fight to gain union rights was her filing a complaint charging management with discrimination because of her union activity.  After two (2) long years of litigation the complaint was upheld.  Her case became a landmark decision in the fight for union rights.

In recognition of her accomplishments, the Union of Taxation Employees has named the scholarship to the Labour College of Canada (LLC) after her.

  1. The purpose of this Regulation is to state the terms and conditions of the scholarships.

  2. Every member in good standing of UTE who applies to the Labour College of Canada Certificate Program can apply for the scholarships.

  3. The Executive Committee of UTE shall award the scholarships by taking into account the recommendations made by the Labour College of Canada Selection Committee.

  4. Each year, UTE will award one (1) scholarship for a member selected for the LCC Certificate Program.

  5. Any member approved for the scholarship will have their expenses to participate in the LCC Certificate Program reimbursed as per UTE Regulations, subject to the approval of the 1st Vice-President

Adopted June 1985

Amended July 1987

Amended September 1989

Amended December 1996

Amended September 1998

Amended December 1999

Amended September 2012

Amended December 2013

Amended July 2014

French only June 2015

Amended September 2019