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Monday April 27, 2015

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Employment Opportunity
Labour Relations Officer

We will protect our sick leave

The federal government announced in the budget that it plans to eliminate the existing sick leave provisions for federal public service workers, whether or not an agreement is reached at the bargaining table.

Bargaining Update
April 17

Presidents' Conference

Minutes of the
Equal Opportunities (EO) Committee Meeting
held March 3, 2015 to March 4, 2015

Plantgating the latest bargaining information
Halifax Local 80003

CRA bargaining team spends three days in mediation

Composite Minutes of UTE Telephone Town Meetings

Demonstration at the Presidents' Conference

Day of action in support of a fair contract
St. John's TC Local 90000
Belleville Local 00012
Montréal Local 10008
Shawinigan Local 10005
Ottawa Headquarters Local 70000
Lethbridge Local 30027
Thunder Bay Local 00020
Regina Local 40022
Winnipeg Compensation Client
Service Centre 50032

Winnipeg Taxation Centre Local 50031
Penticton Local 20026
Laval Local 10028
Outaouais Local 70035
Montérégie South Shore Local 10017
Rouyn-Noranda Local 10009
Sherbrooke Local 10007
Bathurst Local 60006
Saint John Local 60005
Northern BC & Yukon Local 20002
Vancouver Local 20027
Moncton Local 60008
St. John's Local 90001
London Local 00017
Victoria Local 20028
Toronto Centre Local 00013
Burnaby Fraser Local 20007 and Surrey Taxation Centre Local 20029
Ottawa Technology Centre Local 70030
Edmonton Local 30025
Winnipeg Local 50021
Summerside T.C. Local 90006
Jonquière Taxation Centre Local 10004
Pacific Region Call Centre Local 20050
Kitchener Local 00015
Toronto East Local 00001
Québec Local 10006
Trois-Rivières Local 10027
Chicoutimi Local 10110
St. Catharines Local 00016
Hamilton Local 00014
Saskatoon Local 40023
Halifax Local 80003
Calgary Call Centre Local 30022
Ottawa International Taxation Services Office Local 70009
Windsor Local 00018
Ottawa East Local 70001
Sydney Local 80004
UTE National Office

PSAC Fought Back and Won

Tony Clement's new vision for the Public Service
and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

View the video, share it with your friends and write your MP
Get the REAL Story

Information for our Members
Work Force Adjustment Appendix Fact Sheets

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Collective Agreement
2010 - 2012

Bargaining Demands

Economic Proposals


CRA Proposals

Why Pay Union Dues?

Calendar of Events
Calendar Link


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